Thank you!

We welcome your heartfelt feedback, your comments, your suggestions; good, or bad:


What a lovely webpage/card shop.
It feels friendly and warm, it is also logically laid out, it tells people what they want to know, and the card photos are beautiful.
Good luck with it!
I hope all is well with you and your family.
All best,
-Joy, Washington November 2015


[Holger] You continue (as usual) to amaze me with the quality and diversity of your mind and artistic talents. Thank you so very much for the lovely wonderful full of energy and beauty card. I am very fortunate to know you and have you value me enough to share yourself and your creations. Thank you.
P.S. I have the card displayed in our dining room at the Inn. People are commenting.
-Julian, Carmel, August 2015


I like the new site. It’s interesting, easy to find your way around, and friendly. I hope it does what you want it to do.
-Jo, Carmel, June 2015


Dear Holger,
Your card is exquisite! […] You have a wonderful eye, focusing on beauty or details that would by most, go unobserved! As we know, the marketing and assembling of the product are perhaps the most difficult part but it’ll come easier.
-El, Monterey, July 2015


… Last but not least your work is beautiful and I love the feel of the paper as well.
You are a very talented artist with a beautiful, humble heart to match.
-LZ, Monterey Peninsula, July 2015


Thanks for the lovely card. I love the photography on the card. Very nice job. Good luck in your new business.
-DK, Carmel-Valley, July 2015


Thanks for the link to the new website. I especially enjoyed looking at your greeting card designs. I replied to the email with the word “agree.” I was wondering if the site is something I can share on facebook. I’m not sure how to do that or if you even want me to do that, but I would be happy to share this new site with my friends on facebook 😉
-Ju, Pacific Grove, June 2015


Wow! Lovely new enterprise. I wish you all the best. My one piece of feedback would be to make sure your website is formatted correctly to be viewed on a phone or other devices. […] But your products look really terrific!
-El, Pacific Grove, June 2015


Oh yes, the Vintage Trailer site looks very happy!
You all look fine.
-Ka, Pacific Grove, June 2015


Thank you Holger
They [the photos] are so wonderful!
-El, Monterey, July 4th 2015


Dear Holger, Thank you.
The photos are beautiful, professional, very artistic.
I love them; the details make them special.
-Li, Pacific Grove, July 2015


Congratulations Beth and Holger and Tessa … what a terrific idea and brilliant use of space. All the best for everyone involved!
-JD, Pacific Grove, July 2015


Holger, eine sehr schöne, wertige Postkarte von Dir!!!
Ganz, ganz herzlichen Dank für Eure liebe Karte.
Wir haben Tessa’s Begabung erkannt und uns sehr gefreut!
-P&B, Germany, July 2015


Greeting cards…..great idea.
-D/D, Oregon, July 2015


Thank you also to LittlePaperThings for the nice cellophane bags 😉
The resealable bags are acid and lignin free, and are available on Esty.